CEDAR COUNTRY TRAVEL was founded in Beirut following the action of the RJLIBAN ASSOCIATION – Lebanese Youth Gathering in Paris, started in 1985 at the height of the Lebanon War (1975-1990). In 1991, we received the first groups of friends of Lebanon from France and Europe, wishing to know the Lebanese cultural and tourist heritage on the spot.

This action was subsequently extended to the countries of Lebanese emigration, and more particularly to Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, with trips back to the roots organized for young descendants of Lebanese. Close collaboration was then established with the Ministries of Tourism and Foreign Affairs in Lebanon, the World Lebanese Cultural Union, Lebanese Diaspora Energy and other organizations working towards the same goal, with regular trips to all continents.

Today we continue our mission for Lebanon by promoting, both individually and in groups, archaeological and religious tours in the Lebanese Holy Land, Canaanite, Phoenician and Christian. This adventure is all the more exciting as regular discoveries take place around the Mediterranean, in Northern Europe and in the East, confirming the importance of universalism brought to the world, since Antiquity, by the sailors and caravaneers of Tyre, Sidon, Beirut and Byblos.

NAJI FARAH, director and senior guide, is a specialist in history, archaeology, religion and politics in Lebanon and the Middle East. Born in the city of Tyre, he graduated in mathematics and classical guitar in Paris, and has been working for 40 years for the promotion of Lebanon.

As a journalist, he was editor-in-chief and at the origin, in collaboration with L’Orient-le Jour, of the bimonthly page about the “ Lebanese in the World “ published from 2007 to 2019. As a photographer, he has participated in various exhibitions on Lebanon, in Beirut (French Cultural Center), Paris (Fnac Etoile), Toluca and Puebla (Mexico) and Rio de Janeiro.

Fluent in Arabic, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, and specialized in Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, ancient Greek and Syriac, he collaborates directly in the organization of tailor-made tours, accompanied by a friendly and innovative team, making even more pleasant the stay of tourists in Lebanon.



ULLAH FIROZ   London, England – June 2023
Naji was a brilliant guide who went beyond the services we required. He was very friendly and had a wealth of knowledge about the country. We really enjoyed our time with him and his driving and care for us was great. Naji provided a useful insight into the country and added a personal touch by allowing us to visit his home. His driving and time management was excellent, which we greatly appreciated as we managed to visit all the sights we wanted to in good time. Our tour experience was very much enhanced by having Naji around and I would definitely recommend him to future travellers to Lebanon. Thanks.

MASON FISCHER   North Carolina, United States – June 2023
I would give Naji 10 stars if I could. Wow, where do I even begin. Most importantly Naji is incredibly kind and made us feel safe, at home and like family from the start. He was very prompt in his communications before we even landed in Beirut. Lebanon has a very old and rich history, to which Naji knows every part of it like the back of his hand. He will go out of his way to make sure to see and experience Lebanon to the fullest, you would be foolish to consider anyone else for your tour!

HÉLÈNE CHARLES   Lugano, Switzerland – April 2023
We really enjoyed our visit to the Quadisha with Naji who, despite the bad weather conditions, was able to offer us another route. Very professional and documented, Naji knows his country and its very complicated recent and past history down to the smallest detail.

ANTONIO ZORRILLA PANTALEON   Madrid, Spain – January 2023
Very complete tour to know Lebanon and all its history thanks to Naji. Naji has demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and has allowed us to get closer to the reality of Lebanon. He has been a punctual, flexible and very close and hospitable guide. Highly recommended.

DAVID HUNT   London, England – October 2022
One Day In Beirut ! We were three guys from London, England who had a few days in Beirut and wanted to find out as much as we could about this fascinating place! Naji was our guide and was excellent! Picked us up from our hotel and drove us around Beirut all day,stopping off at interesting points. He was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all the questions we were able to throw at him. Was particularly good when we went to the National Museum! We appreciated the fact that he was able to take us to the places which are off the beaten track or maybe a bit daunting for a Western visitor to go on their own. With him, we felt very safe. Definitely visit Beirut and consider using Naji as your guide.

JIARU LIN   New York, United States – September 2022
Naji was an amazing tour guide. I am so happy with my trip with him in Lebanon, and I’m definitely giving a 5 star review! Starting with my tourist visa. Naji was so kind to help me with a support letter and useful visa information. He was following up and making sure everything was going well prior to my tour date. Naji even offer airport pickup. Very welcoming gesture of him! I had much good times with the nature and historical tours. The grotto, the mountains, Lady Maria’s site and the Baalbek ruins.